What is Scrip?

The SCRIP PROGRAM WELCOMES NEW FAMILIES to the 2019/2020 school year!


The SCRIP committee would like to introduce the SCRIP program to new families joining our school and reintroduce it to families that may not have been purchasing it in the past.  We’d like for everyone to understand the benefits of the program, what it does for our school and what it does for you. 


The SCRIP program has generated thousands of dollars annually to subsidize our school budget and building fund for the past 20 years, and for the past 12 years it has given money back to school families to help with their school fees.  Here’s how it works.


SCRIP is another name for gift cards and certificates you purchase from our school to use when you shop for gas, groceries, clothing, home goods, dining out, or gift giving. These cards and certificates are initially purchased by our school at a discounted rate from the merchant and then sold to you at face value.  The difference between the discounted rate and the face value is our profit. 


This profit is used throughout the year to subsidize the school budget.  SCRIP profits have been used to purchase Smart Boards and furniture for the classrooms, laptops for the teachers, software upgrades, risers for the music department, a defibrillator for the gym, books, science lab materials, props for drama, outdoor basketball court, a professional floor polisher, mats for the gym, a new commercial-grade bench and money towards the purchase of the gravel for the playground area.  Teachers also use SCRIP profits throughout the year to purchase things for their classrooms they would have had to buy on their own if it were not for the SCRIP program.


Every purchase you make earns revenue for St. Therese School.  You do not have to spend any extra money when you purchase SCRIP.  When you buy a $25 gift card to do your grocery shopping, you will use it at the store to purchase $25 in groceries.  All you have to do to take advantage of this great opportunity is purchase these gift cards and certificates before you do your shopping or gift giving (after all weekend Masses, Monday mornings, or on Fridays during the school year).

This is such a great program because you are contributing to your child’s educational needs without fundraising.  The added bonus is you will receive 50% of the profit you generate toward your fees/tuition* for the following school year!  Example:  If you generate $600 in profit for St. Therese through the purchase of SCRIP, you will receive $300 off of your fees/tuition/uniforms the following school year.  The period of time to accrue profit for the 2019-2020 school year is from May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020. Your profit will be calculated after April 30th and deducted from your fees/tuition*. This incentive also applies if you have no children at St.Therese, but do have children at Bishop Luers.  Again, 50% of your profit will be deducted from your next year’s tuition bill at Luer’s.  (We will not give credit to either school if you earn $10.00 or less in profit.)


The purpose of this incentive is to increase sales and help our families with their school fees.  Ask your family and friends to start purchasing SCRIP from St. Therese and give their credit to you.  You will be helping to increase revenue for St. Therese and at the same time reducing your costs for the next school year.  You should not solicit current customers to give their credit to you.  This would not increase sales, but would simply take profit from the general fund. Remember, we are offering this incentive to increase sales. 


Attached is a SCRIP order form.  These are the retailers we keep on hand to sell.  Please take a minute or two to look over the choices we

have to take care of all your shopping needs.  Many local and area businesses are on our list.  We can also special order other retailers that we do not keep on hand.  You can see the complete list by visiting the Great Lakes Scrip web site at


Also attached is a form you must fill out to get you started in the program.  Simply pick where you want your profit to go for the next year, and you are on your way.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or ideas on how to get the most out of the SCRIP program.  We would love to share others’ success stories with the program.  We are available every Monday at St. Therese school starting at 8:30 during the school year.



We want to make SCRIP work for you!


Adrienne Schafer

Scrip Coordinator


Julie Jauregui                             

Scrip Coordinator                            




*You may only qualify to have your profit put towards Uniforms/Spirit Wear.  The school office will notify you if you fall under this category.

A few tips to increase your TIP!

Enlist Family and Friends

Many school families have grandparents and other relatives/friends buying SCRIP and donating their profits to them. Do you have parents/grandparents who could help? Friends at church who don't have students at Saint Therese or whose students have graduated?

Make SCRIP part of your weekly routine

The families that earn the most are the ones who've made SCRIP an automatic part of their shopping planning. Many buy the same things every week (such as groceries and gas), no matter what, as they know they'll always be spending that money. They add in other things as needed, such as less frequent needs, gifts, donations, etc. Similar to clipping coupons, small amounts add up over a period of time to become a surprisingly large amount! Its all about the volume!

Did you know?

There are literally HUNDREDS of vendors who offer SCRIP who are not listed on our order form due to space restrictions. While the most frequently sold items are on these pages of our order form and are always in stock, there are SO MANY MORE special order items available. We can special order these items for you on Monday and have them back to you by Friday.

Check the profit margins

Every vendor determines the percentage discount they will offer to us when we buy their gift cards....this s what we refer to as our profit margin. The order form lists a profit margin for every vendor; and if you buy SCRIP online, the profit margin is always shown for each vendor. Many families decide where to shop based on who offers the largest profit margin.

Please fill out the this form if you would like to earn scrip credit for the up coming school year. 

Locals we can order:

  • Auto Zone

  • Blaze

  • Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Build a Bear

  • Carter’s

  • Chucky Cheese

  • Claire’s

  • Finish Line

  • Foot Locker

  • Game Stop

  • Golden Corral

  • Jersey Mike’s

  • Journey’s

  • Lane Bryant

  • Fazoli’s

  • Noodles & Company

  • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

  • Sun Glass Hut

  • TJ Friday’s

  • Home Depot

  • North Face

  • Tim Horton’s

  • Hardees

Many more on the sheet attached.  Please do not hesitate to add anything extra to your orders.  If you order Monday, we can have it by Friday typically. 

It is Christmas time and the holidays are coming fast.  We will be having $5.00 and $10.00 scrip amounts in the following: Barnes & Noble ($5), Meijer ($10), Starbucks ($5), Target ($10), and Wal-Mart ($10).  This can come in handy for stocking stuffers or the Christmas family.  The Stand is open during the winter season with wonderful breakfast items and coffee.  Swing by on your way to work or when out shopping for some warm food and coffee.  We have Red Lobster scrip (on hand) as this is not with Olive Garden anymore.  If you are wanting to eat Red Lobster, you will need their card.  We can also order local restaurants or stores for the holiday season (or anytime throughout the year).  Please see the lists of merchants at the scrip table after church.

Thank you,

Adrienne & Julie

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