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Supply List 


Fall Festival Class Baskets

Each classroom puts together a basket for the St. Therese fall festival.  The baskets will be auctioned off that day.  We cannot make these baskets with out your help.  Thank you for your support!


Name: Mrs. Missy Chapin


Birthday: October 18

Favorite Drink: Cherry Pepsi

Favorite Dessert or Snack: brownies (dessert) goldfish (snack)

Favorite Restaurants:  Halls, Buffalo Wild Wings

Favorite Retailer:  Target, Amazon

Favorite Color: purple

Favorite Flower: Daisy

Favorite Fruit: strawberries

Favorite Scent: vanilla, pumpkin spice

Favorite Charities:  JDRF Juvenile Diabetes Research

Items for the classroom: card stock, glue sticks, Legos, action figures, toy cars  

Name: Mrs. Tracy Miller


Birthday: April 2

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke

Favorite Dessert or Snack: Cookies

Favorite Restaurants: The Italian Connection, Panera

Favorite Retailer: Target

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Flower: All of them!

Favorite Fruit:  Apples

Favorite Scent:  Flowers and Fruits

Favorite Charities: Street Reach for the Homeless

Items for the classroom: Books, Cardstock, Laminating Pouches, STEM toys.


Name: Mrs. Andrea Buday


Birthday: January 20th

Favorite Drink: Coffee, Water, and LaCroix

Favorite Dessert or Snack: Nuts and berries or biscotti 😊

Favorite Restaurant: Don Halls

Favorite Retailer: Target

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Flower: Colorful ones

Favorite Fruit: Raspberries 

Favorite Scent: clean or orange/cranberry 

Favorite Charities: St. Vincent de Paul food Pantry (St. Therese)

Item for the classroom: book set

Name: Mrs. Kathy Ehinger       


Birthday: May 25

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke

Favorite Dessert or Snack: Cheesecake

Favorite Restaurants: Halls

Favorite Retailer: Kohls

Favorite Color: lime green

Favorite Flower: Zinnia

Favorite Fruit: strawberries

Favorite Scent: vanilla

Favorite Charities: Franciscan Center

Items for the classroom: Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card, Walmart, or Target Gift Cards to purchase consumable materials as needed

Name: Miss Sarah Beaver


Birthday: September 22

Favorite Drink – Coke or unsweetened iced tea

Favorite Dessert / Snack – Twix or chips

Favorite Restaurant – Any

Favorite Store – Amazon

Favorite Color – purple or blue

Favorite Flower – none allergies

Favorite Scent – none allergies

Favorite Fruit – any

Favorite Charities – zoo’s or to animals

Items for the classroom- dry erase markers, post-its, paper clips

Name: Mrs. Lindsay Lehman


Birthday: 12/30

Favorite Drink:  tea

Favorite Dessert or Snack: dark chocolate

Favorite Restaurants:  Culver’s, Panera,

Favorite Retailer: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Meijer

Favorite Color:  orange

Favorite Flower:  lily

Favorite Fruit:  apple

Favorite Scent:  pine

Favorite Charities:  Catholic Charities

Items for the classroom: books/Barnes & Noble or Amazon cards

Name: Mr. Chad Hormann


Birthday: January 23

Favorite Drink – Coffee

Favorite Dessert / Snack – Beef Jerky, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups

Favorite Restaurant – Buffalo Wild Wings & Sara’s Diner

Favorite Store – Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gander, Rural King, United Art & Education

Favorite Color – Green

Favorite Flower – Poinsettia, Evergreens

Favorite Scent – Evergreen & Coffee Smells

Favorite Fruit – Grapes & Apples

Favorite Charities – Ronald McDonald House & Riley’s Children Hospital

Name: Mrs. Angela Runion


Birthday: October 5

Favorite Drink: coffee/water/Starbucks

Favorite Dessert or Snack: cheese cake (dessert) almonds (snack)

Favorite Restaurants:  Paula’s

Favorite Retailer:  Meijer

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite Flower: sunflowers, lilies, lavender (maybe not really a flower, but I like it)

Favorite Fruit: watermelon

Favorite Scent: lavender, balsam fir (Christmas trees)

Favorite Charities:  Alzheimer’s Association, American Heart Association

Items for the classroom: tissues!!!  Clorox wipes   

Name: Mrs. Julie Wolfe


Birthday: 1/24

Favorite Drink:  Mt. Dew

Favorite Dessert or Snack: Cheesecake

Favorite Restaurants:  Casa, Arby’s

Favorite Retailer: Kohl’s

Favorite Color:  purple

Favorite Flower:  rose

Favorite Fruit:  cantaloupe

Favorite Scent:  berry(mulberry)

Favorite Charities:  Big Brother Big Sisters

Items for the classroom: pencils, markers, dry erase markers


Name: Mrs. Paula Henry


Birthday: May 30

Favorite Drink: Water or Coffee

Favorite Dessert or Snack: Nuts or Chocolate

Favorite Restaurants: Arby's

Favorite Retailer: Target

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Flower: Hydrangea or Tulip

Favorite Fruit: Clementine’s

Favorite Scent: Eucalyptus or Vanilla

Favorite Charities:

Items for the classroom: Graph paper or sticky notes

Name: Miss. Renee Gonzales


Birthday: August 18th

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Dessert or Snack: Chocolate

Favorite Restaurants: Hall’s, Casa’s

Favorite Retailer: Torrid

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Flower: Roses

Favorite Fruit: Apple

Favorite Scent: Lavender

Favorite Charities: National Alliance to End Homelessness, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Animal Welfare Institute

Items for the classroom: Pencils, Stickers, Donations for Instruments

Name: Mr. Garry Rudd


Birthday: November 28

Favorite Drink: Pepsi Max

Favorite Dessert or Snack: Reese’s

Favorite Restaurants: Arby’s, Great Wok

Favorite Retailer: United Art; Barnes & Noble

Favorite Color: Light Green   

Favorite Flower:  Hibiscus

Favorite Fruit:  Plum

Favorite Scent: 

Favorite Charities:  F.A.M.E.

Items for the classroom: Glue Sticks, Watercolor Sets, Colored Pencils, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners, any type of art supply